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Sweets, Chocolate & Gum

Price comparison product image Haribo Yellow Bellies 30 Tub
Haribo Yellow Bellies 30 Pieces Per Tub
Price comparison product image Haribo Rainbow Twists 64 Pieces Per Tub
Haribo Rainbow Twist 10P We donot deliver to Channed Island
Price comparison product image HARIBO SWEETS - 28 Full Sealed Tubs To Choose From - long exp dates (maoam stripes)
HARIBO SWEETS - Full Sealed Tubs long exp dates. Ideal for parties & weddings.
Price comparison product image Harry Potter Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Jelly Belly Beans - 2 Pack (2x 54g)
Harry Potter's favorite candy has returned! Get a box of tasty jelly beans blended with weird, wild ones! 20 different flavors - Banana, Black Pepper, Blueberry, Booger, Candyfloss, Cherry, Cinnamon, Dirt, Earthworm,...
Price comparison product image 2x500g Chocolat Mathez Fine French Cocao Powdered Chocolate Truffles Fantaisie
Package Contents: 2x500g Chocolat Mathez Cacao Powdered Truffles Made in France
Price comparison product image Milka Alpine Milk Original Chocolate 100g (5 Bars)
Smooth milk chocolate made with Alpine milk Generous 100g bar - perfect for sharing with friends and family.
Price comparison product image PIMLICO CANDY FLOSS 50g Tub Strawberry,Banana,Bubblegum Flavour Vegan,Vegetarian Great for Birthday Treats
A deliciously soft, light and sticky. This traditionally hand-spun sweet candy floss is packed in a useful tub celebrating London landmarks. A mouthwatering combination of Strawberry & Banana & Bubblegum flavours. Our Super Puff Candy...
Price comparison product image Mr Stanleys Butter Fudge Box 200 g (Pack of 2)
Mr Stanley's Signature All Butter Fudge, presented in a Blue and White Striped gift box packaging.
Price comparison product image Rocking Horse - 'Pony Nuts' Chocolate Buttons Rocking Horse. A little treat from the Belgian Milk Chocolate Button-its collection.
We love these new ButtonChocs! They're made with care and attention at our professional Chocolate Kitchen to ensure we pack as many scrummy Belgian Chocolate buttons as possible into each...
Price comparison product image Toblerone Milk Chocolate 400g
Swiss Milk Chocolate with Honey and Almond Nougat
Price comparison product image Milka Milka und Oreo 5er, 1er Pack (5 x 100 g)
Milka Milka und Oreo 5er, 1er Pack (5 x 100 g)
Price comparison product image Mario Cherry Sours Super Mushroom
This Super Mushroom tin contains a generous portion of small, red, sour, cherry flavour, mushroom shaped candies. Just pop the cap off the mushroom and much away! Due to chaos caused by...
Price comparison product image Shopkins Surprise Eggs 10g (Box of 18)
Shopkins Surprise Egg (Box of 18) Makes the perfect party bag filler.
Price comparison product image Zara licorice - Mint flavor - 100 units
The classic liquorice bar of a lifetime with a touch of mint Each box contains 100 units.
Price comparison product image 5 x So Sweet... Hen Night Pre filled Sweet Cones / Goodie Bags Fillers / Accessories / Hen Party Bags
5 pre filled Hen Night Sweet Cones, for example Millions, Jelly Lips, Jelly Hearts, plus Flumps and a mini roll of Love Hearts or Sweet Lipstick. Sealed for freshness then decorated with...
Price comparison product image Born in The Seventies Retro Sweets Gift Selection Box
This is a 1970s nostalgia trip for anyone 'Born in the Seventies' who want to sample all their favourite sweets from their childhood. Full of long forgotten pleasures like Fizz Wizz...
Price comparison product image TOBLERONE CRUNCHY ALMONDS, GIANT LIMITED EDITION, 2 pieces with each 360 Grams, Switzerland
TOBLERONE CRUNCHY ALMONDS, LIMITED EDITION, 2 pieces with each 400 grams, Switzerland. Ingredients: Sugar, salted caramelized almonds (almonds 67%, sugar, glucose syrup, salt 2%, clarified butter), whole milk powder, cocoa butter,...
Price comparison product image Pez Nintendo - 12 Count
These nintendo pez dispensers come complete with candy refills. These pez characters are manufactured in Austria and distributed in the UK by Bon Bon Buddies. Each wholesale box contains 12...
Price comparison product image Milka Alpine Milk Original Chocolate 100g (10 Bars)
Delicious Milka milk chocolate 100g x 10 bars imported from France. Outer packaging may vary.
Price comparison product image Spearmint Chews 3 Kilo Bag
Super chewy spearmint flavoured sweets.
Price comparison product image White Chocolate iPhone Replica
A solid white Chocolate iPhone, the perfect phone upgrade for the gadget fan. Made from delicious, creamy white chocolate it may not connect to the internet, but it certainly is tasty....
Price comparison product image CHOCOLATE BAR - BALANCE ME: SEA SALT & NIB
75% Cold-Processed Cacao Coconut Blossom Nectar Sweetened Unrefined Fleur de Sel ('flower of salt') contains minerals and trace minerals that are not found in regular table salt. Unroasted cacao nibs...
Price comparison product image Sweet and Nostalgic Dangermouse 'Your the Boss' Mug jammed with a teatime selection of 80's themed sweets. 630gms
BEST SELLER..Good grief! Look at this DangerMouse mug! Celebrate DangerMouse and Penfold. Filled with an Epic portion of 80's Sweets.
Price comparison product image Chilli Milk Chocolate Bars Pack of 4 Novelty Gift Set
Chilli Chocolate 4Pk Novelty Gift Milk chocolate bars with varying strength of chilli. 4 heat variants: 20g Mild heat chilli mix chocolate bar 20g Medium heat chilli mix chocolate bar 20g...
Price comparison product image Jelly Bean Factory Retail Gifts Travel Mug 750 g
Assorted flavours of beans in this handy 700g Jar, These have the same intense flavour in the centre bean and outer shell. The flavour is 100% throughout the bean. GMO...
Price comparison product image Toblerone Tinys Mix 330 g - 3 Delicious Varieties, Swiss Milk, White and Dark Chocolate (Pack of 3)
Tobelerone Tony's mix 330g -3 Delious Varieties , Swiss milk , White and Dark Chocolate single package . Single pack mix 3 Delious varieties party pack.
Price comparison product image Valentino's Chocolate Pizza 7" Milk Chocolate Pizza with Marshmallows and White Chocolate Flakes
Special Celebration Chocolate Pizzas. A perfect luxury gift for all 'chocoholics' and gourmet chocolate lovers, these special celebration chocolate pizzas are a premium chocolate sensation tailored to special occasions and events throughout...
Price comparison product image 10 x Party Bag World Hen Party Sweet Cones, Pre Filled Hen Night Gift Bags
10 x Pre Filled Hen Night Party Sweet Cones, for example Pink Millions, Jelly Lips or Haribo Jelly Hearts, plus Flumps and a mini roll of Love Hearts or Sweet Lipstick. Sealed...
Price comparison product image Milka - Mini Chocolate Bars, Mix (Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, Strawberry, Cocoa Cream), 27 pcs. - 138gr
Milka - Mini Chocolate Bars, Mix (Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, Strawberry, Cocoa Cream), 27 pcs. - 138gr