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battery reconditioner desulfator 12 / 24 volt, recondition your old batteries, extend life of new ones ideal for boats motorhomes, solar

by Battery Extra
Price comparison product image battery reconditioner desulfator 12 / 24 volt,  recondition your old batteries,  extend life of new ones ideal for boats motorhomes,  solar
Battery Extra
The Battery Extra is designed to recover old or weak lead acid batteries that are sulfated. It will work on any lead acid battery or battery pack of 12 or 24 volts up to 500Ah. It works with your existing charger.
We are so confident in the ability of the Battery Extra to recover your batteries we offer you a 100%, 60 day full money back guarantee including the return costs. So in effect you are getting a free trial of our product, no ifs or buts, if it does not work for you we give you your money back. This is not a short term improvement; once your batteries have been recovered it will continue to work, substantially extending the life of your batteries by keeping them in top condition. The Battery Extra 12/24 electronic desulfator is designed to extend the cycle life of all types of 12 volt and 24 volt lead acid battery packs, for SOLAR SYSTEMS, BOATS, MOTORHOMES, ELECTRIC CARS, GOLF BUGGIES, ELECTRIC BIKES, CARS, TRUCKS and BACK UP POWER SUPPLIES. It will also recover sulphated batteries which appear to be at the end of their life.
Replacement batteries cost a lot of money and everybody knows that batteries wear out over time. What most people dont know is that 75% of lead acid batteries fail because of sulphate build up on the cells, not because they are worn out. Sulphate build up increases the internal resistance of the battery, reducing its capacity and leads to premature battery failure. Sulphated batteries can now be successfully recovered saving the cost of expensive replacements. You can also stop sulphate build up on new batteries which could double the life of your batteries; in effect this will reduce your battery costs by 50%. The main causes of sulphate build up on lead acid battery cells are: Batteries sitting too long between charges, storing batteries without charging, undercharging batteries, low electrolyte level and incorrect charging levels.
Will it work On new or sulphated batteries it WILL work every time. The Battery Extra will not work with batteries that have damaged cells or sealed batteries that have dried out, but this is the best bit. We offer a 60 day 100% full refund of your payment if it does not revive your batteries, including the return postage cost. So you have nothing to loose and everything to gain. How well will it work To be truly effective a desulfator need to combine a high power output with the ability to produce a wide range of frequencies. The Battery Extra desulfator has an external heat sink for cooling because the electronics need the cooling area to handle its high power output. It is 10 times more powerful than the cheap alternatives you will see advertised. If you see a desulfator built with plastic box, it cannot possibly be powerful enough to be effective.
Why should I buy from you We are a specialist in the battery field, and have been in the battery business for more than 20 years
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