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OSRAM ULTRA LIFE H4, halogen headlamp, 64193ULT-HCB, 12 V passenger car

by Osram
Price comparison product image OSRAM ULTRA LIFE H4,  halogen headlamp,  64193ULT-HCB,  12 V passenger car
Manufacturer number
Classic Part
Headlight/Foglight Bulbs
Duo Pack
Placement on Vehicle
Product Name
Reference OE/OEM Number
5/357 C06 BA0/1 DA0/1 LA0/1 JA0/1 EA0/1 TXX BB0/1/2 CB0/1/2 KS, K12 X76 R51 E11 NE11 C11 ZE0 K10 N12 B11 N13 910 T72 T12 JC32, GRJ12 N18 W2 B1 NCP15 T15 T17 E10 P13 P12 GSJ1 N2 N3 44Q C3 4C, Lifespan: B3/Tc: 300/2000 h / 700/3000 h, ABL WGR AFL JA JB J5 J3 DAW DBW DFW DNW JV ANL ER EQ FD FB FS, 907A 907B 164 115 162B 162 116 920 119 905 W201 W124 S124 C124, BU BV BW BX DC DE JM PM PN S0 S1 B9 N0 3C 3A 4B 4E 1A 1C 290P, 334 296 FY 138 132 128 154 127 147 312 319 502 503 33 34 43 44, LH1 P2 N7 ZZW3 R3 A2 W1 R2_LG R2__V LJ12 KZJ12 TRJ12 KDJ12, 980w, 200 watt,light,canbus,ip68,certification mark,hid,car, 8B 4A C4 8C B4 89Q 8A B3 8G7 8D2 B5 8D5 8L1 81 85 B2 19E 1G1, 5_SUD2 UBS 73 78 79 71 38 48 TF B THB TB 6B F9 U9 E9 J9 55 A H9, OSRAM: 64193ULT-HCB, B/C37 134 B/C53 D53 853 B48 B29 J11 J/S63 FC0/1 JL FW0/1 KW0/1, Z31 S12 S13 E24 Y60 GR M10 NM10 C22 Z12 E23 UA0 F15 E12 D23 P1, 293-909 7HA 7HH 7EA 7EH 9K9B 5Z1 5Z3 86C 80 1G2 165 53B 2KA 2KH, REGISTRATION, 64193, H4,DUO ULTRA LIFE,TWO BULB PACK, KC0/1 LU1/2 FL ZA- XB- VD- AA 230P U6U M MF 230L N68 BT BY BZ, 225 160 170 159 290 176 146 220 178BX 178 187 230 287 270 272, ED/HD/UD BS S57 S06 PXX SB0/1/2 LB0/1/2 EL MAM CN0 LS 122 L42, 64193ULT-HCB, J7 F7 E7 F35 39 49 84 89 D22 K11 N14 Y10 P10 W10 B13 C23 R20, bulbs,6500k,retrofit kit,44),1,ve,50,effect,white, OSRAM Ultra Life H4 64193ULT-HCB, car headlights,kit,72w,audi,vw,10x,brehma, white,130,150,h7,cob,automotive bulbs,piece, p43t,gread,h1,h11, SGB SGG SGJ SGA SGH SFD SFE SFL SFZ SGF SGM SGN L53 TXW B/C57, M11 S14 X80 T31 N15 D40 K13 D21 HC 23 R50 Y61 N16 T30 X70 X83, FZ FC FA FM FN JH JD JU P65 P70 P80 GAA T AWA TKE RU8 169 199, R2 T19 N1 A1 H2 EL54 P9 YH7 LH6 LH7 LH5 YH5 YH6 N5 N6 LXH1 RZH1, V1 V2 SW2 J8 PZJ7 KZJ7 HZJ7 BJ7 LJ7 RJ7 LN KZN1 VZN1 T18 H1 R1, 2CA 2CH 6R 6C 2KB 2KJ 2CB 2CJ 5C1 5C2 5C7 5C8 SAB SAJ SAA SAH, Lampenart: H4; Socket: P43t, OSRAM H4 12V 60/55W P43t ULTRA LIFE®, 7DK 1H1 1H2 281-363 1H5 1E7 3A5 7HM 7HN 7EM 7EN 6N1 7M8 7M9 7M6, 86 87 16 17 19 66 67 29 53 54 58 59 56 57 53_B 51 52 5_MWL4, 6KV2 9K9A 3B2 70XA 70XD 3B5 6KV5 2DB 2DE 2DK 2DA 2DD 2DH 2DC, retrofit kit incandescent,dc12v,6000k, nighteye,9005,9006, AWF ABFT AFF GAE GGE GFJ F3L F5L GAL E AVL ALL ET UDS UNS AAL, A124 602 631 R129 W461 W140 W202 638 638/2 415 W460 W463 GAF, 64193, generation,h3,h8,hb3,hb4,racing vision,pack,9003,hb2, 2DF 2DG 2DL 2DM 6X1 6E1 1J2 9U7 86CF 6NF 1J6 60 61 291-512, 7HB 7HJ 7EB 7EJ 7EF 7EG 7HF 7EC 3A2 35I 53I 70XB 70XC 7DB 7DW, philips,headlight,low beam light,full beam,lo,bulb, 64193ULT-HCB,P43t,60/55 W,64193, CANBUS
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12 V
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