Pricepirates for Windows RT

Download Pricepirates for Windows RT
Version: 1.13
Windows 11, 10, 8, Windows RT

As a participant in the Amazon and eBay partner programs, metaspinner net GmbH earns from qualified sales.


Cropped screenshot showing charms bar with search box
Finding the best deals with just one search


Cropped screenshot showing a single search result with details
The results list displays all of the important information about each individual offer.

Snap View

Screenshot showing snap view with results list on the left side and the Internet Explorer on the right side
Windows 8TM Snap View: Keep track of the Pricepirates results list while browsing through offers of online stores


Screenshot showing watch list with some items and sort options
Watchlist to keep track of interesting offers

User Interface

Screenshot showing the simple user interface
Clean and clear user interface. Change the background when ever you like.
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